Welcome to the Open Connectivity Foundation Certification Management System (CMS).

OCF Certification

NOTE: As of December 14, 2018, OCF certification support of OIC 1.1 has ended.

NOTE: Certification support for OCF 1.3 ended on November 5, 2019.

Please refer to the OCF Certification tab of Kavi for more information on the certification process.

OCF Certification is open to all OCF Members at the Gold or higher level of OCF Membership. OCF members seeking certification must sign and return the Certification Mark Licensing Agreement. Members may find the test tool, Certification Procedure Requirements, and Certification Test Requirements documents at this page

OCF Basic Members may still get an account and use the CMS to create configuration files for OCF Testing, but their submissions will not be accepted by an OCF Authorized Test Lab until their membership level is upgraded. 

An instructional video and overview slides can be found within the OCF Members Portal under the Test Tool tab (MP4 download - 4MB. Requires member login).

All of OCF's current Authorized Test Labs are now open to start discussing the registration process for the certification of devices to the latest OCF specification. Contact one of the OCF Authorized Test Labs if you have any questions about OCF Certification Testing.

If you discover any issues or have questions about the CMS not answered in the above, please contact the OCF Certification Lab Manager, Jason Smith ([email protected]) or Certification Program Manager, Mitch Kettrick ([email protected]). 

UPnP Certification

To submit results for a UPnP Certification, please log in and select the UPnP tab to get started.

If you do not yet have an account, please create one.

For any questions, please contact OCF staff at [email protected].