OCF Certification Home

OCF Certification Home

Welcome to the OCF Certification Area. Here you will find detailed documentation on testing and certifying OCF Platforms.  For more information about UPnP Certification, please click here.

The information in this section is confidential to Open Connectivity Foundation members and non-member UPnP licensees.

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Testing and Certification

Access to the OCF Certification Test Tool is available only to OCF members. Members who wish to certify products must sign the OCF Certification Mark Licensing Agreement. Contact [email protected] with questions or for more information.

Note: the tool will not download without accepting the terms of the license agreement.

For full information about the OCF CTT and up-to-date Certification Work Group news, please visit the Certification tab on Kavi.

Certification Process - How to Get Certified

Included below is an overview summary of the steps involved in the certification process. The complete process is described in the OCF Certification Procedure Requirements document.

  1. The applicant must be an OCF member (gold level or higher) and have signed the Certification Mark License Agreement.
  2. The applicant will fill out information about the platform via the Create OCF Product link on the OCMS.
  3. After reviewing the information generated by the applicant’s responses, an OCF Certification Expert (OCE) will determine the readiness of the platform to be tested. If required, the OCE may request additional information.
  4. The OCE will test the platform according to the test plan generated by the applicant’s registration on the OCMS.
  5. Following testing, the OCMS will notify the applicant of a pass or fail and the CB and OCF Administration will register the product and create a Certificate of Conformity.
  6. The applicant may use the OCF Certification Mark in accordance with the terms of the Certification Mark License Agreement and OCF Certification Mark Usage Guidelines.


For more information on the certification process, please refer to the OCF Certification Procedure Requirements document.


OCF Certification Notifications and Exemptions

OIC 1.1 Sunsetted
As of 14 December, 2018 support for OIC 1.1 device certification has ended. Please reference the Certification tab on Kavi for more information.

Active OCF Exemptions
3.5       Regulatory Limitations

Please reference the OCF Exemptions document for more information.

OCF Certification Test Tool Downloads

OCF Certification Test Tool (OCF CTT v1902.0.0)

Download the latest version of the OCF Certification Test Tool (OCF CTT v1902.0.0 released 31 May, 2019).

The OCF CTT is provided at no cost to OCF Members. More information about obtaining the CTT, including related CRSL and Certification Test Requirements (CTR) version numbers, may be found on the OCF Certification tab in the Kavi members site, linked above.

Report an OCF CTT Issue or Search for Known Issues & Workarounds:

To report a test tool issue, please read the Issue Submission Procedure document and then access the Bugzilla issues tracking system at https://bugzilla.openconnectivity.org/. Filing and browsing bug reports requires a user account login. Contact [email protected] to request a user account. The Bugzilla site also contains a Known Issues List (KIL) which vendors can search for existing issues and bugs.